About Us

Tara Hill National Park was established in 1993.  The firm carved a niche tourism business as  a tourism operator under the 1995 Seaside Renewal Scheme.  The Seaside Renewal Scheme spearheaded investment in outdated tourist facilities in Ireland and put a legislative framework around investment and upgrading of tourist facilities in 18 designated seaside locations throughout Ireland.  The firm was a leader in the implementation of Seaside Renewal process of good idea to concrete action.

The firm remains committed in tourism development and is also heavily invested in Research and Development of Future Internet Technologies through the Fed4Fire+ 5GINFire Programmes.  We are pleased to report we have published a journal article based on results of Clone: An NDN Architecture for content distribution at remote tourist sites - a TCP/IP and NDN Comparison.  Experiments  links the publication.   The Discover Places Application has now integrated audio from our Clone research. We also have embodied this applied research in our tourism product development strategy.     

The firm is currently scaling up its research capabilities in 5G using NDN with a range of  Wireless technologies for  delivery of  audio and video content in different use case scenarios. 

The firm is pleased to acknowledges the funding award for Director 5G  from the  5GINFire Programme in 2019. The firm reports the Director 5G experiments have been completed and the outcomes of the Experimental Research has been drafted for publication in a Journal Article in  2020. 

In December 2019 THNP was pleased to announce a new Fed4Fire 5G Research Funding for a Research Proposal, AERO 5G.  This research  will enhance the Discover Places Tourist Application with Augmented Reality, and will be commencing in January 2020 with support from the European Union Research Framework Horizon 2020. This is the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) Call:   H2020-ICT-2016-2017.  The Research funding supports a range of field experiments and building of new  Infrastructures applying a range of 5G Future Internet Research architectures.

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